Welcome to my website!

I have worked in R&D environments, both at the university and at the private industry identifying research partnerships, funding scheme opportunities and creating and strengthening partnerships between the two fields; private and institutional/public. Throughout my career, I have created a wide network of international contacts and I have acquired a broad view of both environments.

With an outcome-oriented approach, I have contributed and/or led several R&D projects in collaboration with public and/or private institutions, in an international environment. I am co-author of 58 publications in journals, book chapters and symposiums.

I am graduated in Chemistry and, in 2000, I received the Doctorate degree from the School of Civil Engineering (Barcelona). I also hold a Master degree in Business Innovation (MBI). Interested in Business Strategy and Innovation Management, I am customer-oriented and I enjoy interacting with customers/users to identify their needs, to develop ideas and to help them to become more competitive.

I am a Concrete Technology enthusiast since 1996. My research interests and experience in this field include chemical admixture development and utilization, rheology, short and long-term mechanical testing, shrinkage, microstructure and cement chemistry, use of fibers, use of supplementary cementitious materials, recycled aggregates, self-compacting concrete and high performance concretes.

From 2000, I have been collaborating and/or leading several short and long-term R&D projects. Initially, at the university as Research Associate and, from 2003 to 2012, as the Head of the Technology and Development Center in Spain of the European Business Unit Admixture Systems of BASF Construction Chemicals. In BASF I was also managing concrete and analytic labs. Recently, I returned to Barcelona after leading the Applications Laboratory at Owens Corning Intl. in France (Glass Fibers for concrete and mortar)

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  • Business innovation, Innovation management and Business strategy
  • Project Management
  • Concrete technology
    • Chemical admixtures for concrete
    • High performance concretes, Self-compacting concretes
    • Testing methods for concrete
    • Use of fibers in concrete
    • Shrinkage
    • Microstructure and Cement Chemistry


Some examples of publications

  • J. Roncero, V. Gimenez and R. Magarotto, “Interaction of water reducer admixtures with Recycled aggregates for concrete”, XIII Intnl. Congress on the Chemistry of Cement (Madrid, July 2011), Ed. A. Palomo, A. Zaragoza, J.C Lopez-Agüí, CD-ROM (2011)
  • F. Moratti, R. Magarotto, S. Mantellato and J. Roncero, “Influence of polycarboxylate side chains length on cement hydration and strengths development”, XIII Intnl. Congress on the Chemistry of Cement (Madrid, July 2011), Ed. A. Palomo, A. Zaragoza, J.C Lopez-Agüí, CD-ROM (2011).
  • B. Barragan, J. Roncero R. Magarotto, S. Moro, and R. Khurana, “Friendlier self-compacting concrete through smart dynamic construction“, CPI – Concrete Plant International, V.2, pp.60-68 (2011).
  • S. Moro, M. di Prisco, B. Barragan, R. Magarotto and J. Roncero, “Ultra high performance concrete: from material optimization to structural applications”, Structural Engineering World Congress (SEWC) (Milan, Italy), CD ROM, 2011.
  • Monograph n. 16 of ACHE , working group 2/3, “Manual de Tecnología de Aditivos para Hormigón / Manual of technology of chemical admixtures for concrete -” (in Spanish), ACHE (Asociación Científico-Técnica del Hormigón Estructural / Technical-Scientific Association of Structural Concrete), October 2010. Web ACHE – Index:
  • R. Gettu, J. Roncero and M.A. Martín, “Study of the _behaviour of concrete with shrinkage reducing admixtures subjected to long-term drying”, Concrete: Material Science to Application, A Tribute to Surendra P. Shah, ACI SP-206, American Concrete Institute, Farmington Hills, pp. 157-166, (2002).
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